Introduction 👋

Hello and welcome to English Go podcast!

I’m Chris and I would just like to tell you a little bit about this podcast. 

This podcast is for people who are studying English and want to improve their listening skills. 

The idea is that you listen to this podcast as much as possible and try to understand the words and sentences that I’m using.

If you’re not able to understand everything I say try reading the transcripts that are available at

After reading the transcripts listen to the episode again and you’ll find that you can understand a lot more than before!

Just like you I’m also studying a language, I study Japanese. 

And the number one thing that has helped my listening skills has been listening to Japanese podcasts. 

I listen to my favourite Japanese podcast every single day even on the weekends and I do it because it’s fun to do.

So that’s how you should be using this podcast to improve your English listening ability. 

Now let me tell you a little bit about what kind of content you’ll hear in this podcast. 

I’m going to be talking about many different kinds of topics in this podcast.

There will be episodes about language learning, there will be episodes the English language and episodes about British culture.

Mostly, I’ll be talking about things that happen in my life. 

So I’m going to be talking to you in the same way that I’d talk to a friend and giving you updates about what has been happening lately. 

This kind of natural English is really really useful to use for your listening practice.

 I’ve had so many people write to me, telling me that my podcast has really helped their listening ability so I’m confident it can help you too!

I hope you have a lovely day! Bye bye.


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