How to Improve Your English Listening Ability

Improving your listening ability is actually really easy – all you have to do is listen to English!

Ideally you’d have a native English speaking friend who was willing to talk to you about all kinds of topics whilst you just sit there and listen, concentrating on what is being said.

However, finding such a friend is probably impossible and that’s where English Go Podcast can help you! 🙂

I have been making episodes for English Go Podcast since the 25th of July 2020 about all kinds of subjects in native British English. When making episodes, I like to introduce to my listeners to idioms and explain the meaning of vocabulary that might be a little difficult. This makes my episodes a great resource for anyone learning English.

If you can’t following along with everything I say, don’t worry about it. Just keep listening! I had exactly the same experience when learning Japanese. I would listen to podcasts everyday and at first I could only understand words, then sentences, and finally whole podcasts!

Or, you can try reading the Episode Transcripts that are available and after reading the transcripts, try listening to the episode again and you’ll find that you can understand a lot more than before!

So what are you waiting for? Open your favourite podcast player, search for ‘English Go’ and subscribe to my podcast!

Now, that you’ve done that why not try listening to the first episode?

All the best!
Chris 😊